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    Boston Be Good To Us!

    I thought about writing in my journal tonight but it hit me that you all would probably love a check-in! It’s been pretty busy and honestly, I’m just trying to get in the bed before midnight at least one day! So, we made it to our new home(temporary home) we will be here for at max of 60 days unless we find a place that we’d like to stay for a bit longer in the next month! We are currently in Westborough, MA. Its a cute little town home that we have quickly made feel like home! Lots of kids…

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    The Next Chapter!

    "My "downs" in my mind, were just seasons of God showing me that fear wasn't real and that HE was in control... "

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    What Scares Me?

    Recently I was asked this question…What scares me? Truthfully, I would like to answer and say nothing but honestly there are a few things that I have to revisit in my prayers, often. And when I say revisit, I mean…

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    Checking On Yourself?

    Well, have you?? I caught myself rehashing raw emotions each time I saw someone being killed on social media… that’s right, watching someone be killed on social media!? Wow! I’m not even the kind of person that likes scary movies…

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    Hearing from God

    Are you wanting to hear from God? If you are like me, you find yourself tripin’, often, looking for a sign that God is close or that He is in the midst of a decision or choice you have to…

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    RV-ing It!

    My birthday was on May 30th and I was determined to get my family out of the house for a little fun! We had already spent our 5 year anniversary(May 2nd) and Mothers Day in the house… No way we…

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    I want to start by saying, yes I am angry. Also, what feels appropriate to say next is, I am hurt, tired and exhausted! If I’m being vulnerable, honest and transparent, I haven’t always felt the way I am feeling…

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    Who Will I Be After Covid

    SO, if I’m being honest, there are times when I am concerned about what life for me will be like after covid! LOL- I know, I know, most of us are saying that we can’t wait to get back out…

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    House Projects

    I get the itch for a new house, often! But to scratch the itch, I pick up new home projects. We’ve been in our home now for almost 5 years… I love it here and our neighbors are great, I…

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    Marriage Lessons from a Strong Woman

    So, here are a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way, in my marriage! I’ve titled this blog, lessons from a strong woman, not saying that any other women are weak, but this is for the women that are self-proclaimed,…